Vocational Training and Enrichment for Special-Needs Adults

We are in the process of developing pre-vocational programs and life-enrichment courses for special-needs adults and welcome your input. Please check off any area your special-needs adult may be interested in taking; or include any additional suggestions.
Please respond as soon as possible.  Any new programs or courses will be listed in our upcoming fall brochure available in July/August 2017 or on our website at http://www.mcvs.edu.  Thank you for your participation!

Terry Schweon
Morris County Vocational School District – Continuing Education
973-627-4601 ex. 208

* 1. Vocational Training

Culinary Food Service Worker (Part 1) September - December. Designed for the special adult seeking to develop life skills, such as independent meal preparation and pre-vocational skills

Culinary Food Service Worker (Part 2) February - May. Continuation of Part1's pre-vocational skills along with developing workplace etiquette and safety, task completion, and intern/externship opportunities with area employers

* 2. Building Grounds & Maintenance  September – May. Designed for the special adult student to learn essential concepts and principles of interior and exterior building maintenance. Students will learn skills required to perform the functions of a custodian, including light electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work, floor buffing, cleaning, painting, and landscaping.

* 3. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)
Cooking Basics

* 4. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)
Baking Basics

* 5. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)

* 6. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)
Getting Fit

* 7. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)
Weight Training

* 8. Life Enrichment (Adaptive)

* 9. Suggestions for Adaptive Courses / Programs