Provide feedback on the Visualize 2045 project list to help identify what should go in the new plan!

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) is updating its long-range transportation plan, which will be called Visualize 2050.  For the plan's Constrained Element, TPB is asking all member agencies to re-examine and re-submit projects from the current plan (Visualize 2045) project list based on TPB's policy priorities and the findings of the TPB's scenario studies.

The public is invited to focus comments on the list of projects to communicate if they:
  • Support a project's inclusion in the plan
  • Do not support a project's inclusion in the plan
  • Propose changes to a project, or
  • Believe that a project that is not listed should be included.

Comments will be forwarded to the sponsoring agencies as they decide what projects to submit to TPB.
The plan update’s current focus is on developing the plan’s Constrained Element which contains all the projects that must be included in the regional air quality conformity analysis. To initiate this process, TPB and agency staff have examined the current Visualize 2045 Constrained Element project list and following direction from TPB’s resolution R19-2021, have organized the projects into two groups. The two groups to be used to update the projects for Visualize 2050 include: (1) projects that are either under construction OR have received local, state, federal or private funding (funded/committed projects) and (2) projects that are planned and not under construction or with funding committed (developmental projects).

All listed projects are in the currently approved Visualize 2045 plan and are to be re-examined by the TPB member agencies as they decide what projects to submit for Visualize 2050. The TPB intends to retain the projects from the funded/committed project list in the Visualize 2050 plan. 

Which projects qualify for each list?

Funded/Committed (green list) projects are active, under construction, or have dedicated funding in the near future, and they are intended to be retained in the Visualize 2050 project list. The TPB recognizes the limited opportunities to make changes to projects that are under construction. The TPB, however, urges its member agencies to re-examine these projects and consider changes, where appropriate, that would better advance the TPB’s policy priorities and goals. 

Developmental (orange list) projects that are not yet under construction, and do not have short term dedicated funding. The TPB expects its member agencies to re-examine these projects and resubmit them with changes as needed to better advance the TPB’s policy priorities and goals for inclusion in Visualize 2050. Comments on these projects can help provide feedback on projects that are in a developmental stage where the TPB goals and priorities can be used to influence the scope of such projects.

To learn more about frequently asked questions related to the plan update, please visit the Visualize 2050 webpage.