Regional Partners,

Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) is assembling a list of viable projects that create economic vitality, environmental stewardship and regional quality of life.

A series of questions have been created via this survey with the intent to stimulate identification and creation of a Vital Project list. This comprehensive list will be prioritized by a group of diverse regional leaders from the private, public & non-profit sectors.

These vital projects will be included in the region's Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy (CREDS), annually submitted to the Economic Development Administration. Our 2016-2021 CREDS planning effort demonstrated that projects addressing affordable housing, skilled workforce, transportation, land use, local foods, energy, art, child care and historical preservation are interrelated and impact our regional economic vitality. Therefore, the project list will include more than the typical infrastructure expansion and business incubators projects and will include initiatives that build upon our region's competitive assets in efforts to improve our economy.

Who should complete this questionnaire/survey and submit a project idea? Any single or consortium of private, public &/or nonprofit entities inclined to take a lead role on implementation of submitted project idea.  Past vital project examples can be found on our website at  Applicants can also find the 2016-2021 CREDS on our website, which can help them understand the planning goals Region 5 is striving to attain, as project ideas should align with the goals set forth in this plan.

Please submit the following application by 5:00 p.m. on Friday September 22, 2017. Contact Dawn Espe at Region Five Development Commission with any questions - phone 218.894.3233 x3 or email

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