Brochure and Website Inclusion Policy

As the primary destination marketing organization for Jackson, Mississippi, Visit Jackson is proud to promote all travel products of interest to inbound visitors. To that end, products located within the city limits of Jackson, open to the general public, and attractive to visitors will be listed in Visit Jackson publications* and on the website**. The travel product supplier must provide correct and current information in order to be included.

Travel product categories include:
Hotels, motels, inns, and bed-and-breakfast accommodations
Museums and historic sites
Outdoor attractions and parks
Sports facilities
Major sports events
Cultural festivals
Exhibits and public art
Performing arts events
Educational events accessible to visitors
Retail shopping that attracts tourists
Meeting facilities and services
Group tour services

Exclusions include:
Private and exclusive events
Members-only facilities
Fundraisers without significant entertainment
Activities that proselytize specific religions
Partisan political events
Illegal activities

Visit Jackson Annual Events Calendar Policy

Annual events are events meeting the regular events criteria that have a strong visitor attraction (significant historical attendance with significant Jackson hotel impact) and that occur each year with regularity. Annual events will be listed on the Visit Jackson official Annual Events Calendar, and the Visit Jackson Clearinghouse Calendar, internal documents maintained and used to respond to inquiries from media, event and meeting planners, and group tour professionals. They are also listed, when space permits, in the general Visit Jackson Visitors Guide, revised and printed once each year.

* All travel product details must be submitted formally in advance of publication according to Visit Jackson guidelines.
** Complete details on qualifying events must be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance to be posted on If you have any questions contact Wanda Watts at 601-960-1891 or by email