Visioning Forum Questions

The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (KY OVR) thanks you for taking the time to complete this survey.

By giving your input, you help KY OVR better accomplish our mission: to assist Kentuckians with disabilities to achieve and maintain suitable employment and independence. We would like to know what you think of our current services, and if you have any recommendations for our future. Your feedback is crucial, and impacts current and future agency activities. Public input, and resultant action plans, are included in the annual KY OVR State Plan, and submitted to the Rehabilitation Services Administration. We rely on public feedback to help us identify barriers and opportunities for people with disabilities as we work with them to help them gain and maintain employment.

So that everyone's view receives equal opportunity to be heard, we ask that each respondent only participate once each year.

Please note your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and your identity will not be connected with your responses to the survey questions.

If you would like to view a copy of the current KY OVR State Plan, it is available on the agency's website at

Thank you again for your time and input.

* 1. What are KY OVR's strengths, or what do they do well?

* 2. What ideas do you have to conserve funding, yet maintain a high quality of services?

* 3. What specific training areas would be beneficial for KY OVR staff?

* 4. Are there agencies or groups with which KY OVR should be partnering or expanding their relationship?

* 5. What populations or issues are not fully addressed by KY OVR?

* 6. What suggestions would you have for improving or enhancing specific VR services?

* 7. Please provide any other comments or feedback related to the KY OVR State Plan.

33% of survey complete.