Visioneering: The Focus is Now

Success is found when communities focus on a small number of targeted issues. After seeing other cities succeed in moving projects and programs forward with this approach, our business and elected officials set out a challenge: Identify where we, as a region, have momentum and tell us where we need to focus our efforts in order to remain strong, viable and competitive - a place where people want to live and work.

For the next three years, we want to help our region focus on a few, short-term strategic priorities. This is a survey outlining eight items divided into three categories (Things to Do, Places to Work and People) where our region has an opportunity to make change happen in the next three years.

The top selections in each category will be collected and shared with regional leaders and community groups, so together we can make south-central Kansas a place where businesses and people of all ages want to call home.

Please read each statement and select the one item under each category that you think is most important for our region to do in the next three years.