Welcome back!

ONE Connected Community is a process to develop a new comprehensive plan for the City of Helena. Over the past several months, we've collected hundreds of comments and ideas from residents and stakeholders. These have helped the planning team better define the focus of our planning effort. And we're ready to take the next step!
With your comments and ideas at the root, the process Steering Committee have developed a set of draft statements to better define the direction of our plan. The vision and goals are essential statements. They articulate the values of our community and present the path forward. 
Thank you for your continued commitment to this important effort. Your feedback is essential. As you complete the survey, please consider sharing the form with your broader network. 

In the following survey, we're asking you to do three things:
  1. Review and help us refine the VISION for the future of Helena;
  2. Evaluate our broad topical GOAL STATEMENTS, and;
  3. Help develop action RECOMMENDATIONS. 
Now let's get started!