VISION 2028: A Framework for the Future of New Jersey's Community Colleges

New Jersey’s community colleges are poised to offer an ever-expansive vision of higher education that is agile, collaborative, and innovative, and that prepares individuals, at varying stages of their lives and careers, for success in an increasingly diverse society and global economy. We are rooted in our local communities, responding to the local needs of students and employers, while understanding that we live in an increasingly connected global community. We impact our students, counties, and our state, and enable each to compete and thrive in the nation and the world.

With state and county support and collaboration, New Jersey’s community colleges will work together in the years ahead, developing new models of collaboration and cooperation and leading partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, government, community and faith-based organizations, and other stakeholders in order to increase access to post-secondary education, support the success of students, ensure access to valuable and relevant learning, and serve as community engines. 
With the input and support of a broad array of partners, we can all work collectively to ensure we are helping the people of this state obtain the post-secondary credentials and degrees they will need to thrive in the economy, and ensure that economic mobility is available to more New Jerseyans. The following four initiatives are serving as the initial foundation for broader efforts to reach the State of New Jersey’s ambitious post-secondary attainment goal of 65 percent of the adult working population holding a post-secondary credential by the year 2025.
Initiative 1: Expanding Pathways That Lead to Credentials and Careers

Initiative 2: Strengthening the Delivery of Innovative Learning of Essential Skills and Abilities

Initiative 3: Connecting Adults to Opportunity

Initiative 4: Connecting Students to Social Service Supports
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