1. 2020 Virtual FAFSA Nights

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How does a virtual FAFSA Night work?

This is not a presentation. Rather, you will join the Zoom call, then work on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on your own computer, at your own pace.

For privacy and security, we ask that all parents and students leave their video off and do not attempt to share your screen during the whole duration of the call. You will also be asked to remain on mute unless you are meeting with a financial aid volunteer individually in a Zoom breakout room.

When you have a question as you work on your FAFSA, you can send a chat message to the Zoom host asking for help.

When you request help, you will be sent to a virtual breakout room with a financial aid professional who will meet with you INDIVIDUALLY. You will then be able to unmute yourself and discuss your question with the professional. Please do not turn on your video or share your screen at any time.

After your questions have been answered, you will return to the main Zoom session so that the professional can become available to assist others.

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