About the Awards

Virginia ("Ginny") Wolf was a professor of Physical Education at the University of Idaho from 1964-1982. Ginny took an active role in addressing issues affecting women on campus, including chairing the U of I Women’s Caucus and helping to launch the campaign that brought about the establishment of a permanent Women’s Center. This award was created in 2002 in recognition of others, like Ginny, whose continuous dedication to activism for gender justice brings about lasting change. It is given to individuals who reflect the same commitment Ginny gave more than 30 years ago.

This year, three awards will be given by the University of Idaho Women's Center in recognition of individuals who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to activism for gender justice.

The awards recipients to date:
2002 - Emily Sly (student), Kay Keskinen (faculty)
2003 - Lori van Buggenum (student), Debbie Storrs (faculty)
2004 - No awards given
2005 - Selena Lloyd (student), Betsy Thomas and Valerie Russo (staff)
2006 - Cassie Searle (student), Kathy Aiken (faculty), Ginny Foote (community)
2007 - James French (student), Traci Craig (faculty), Mary Jo Hamilton (community)
2008 - Tara Malmquist (student), Liz Brandt (faculty), Amy Stone Ford (community)
2009 - Anne-Marije Rook (student), Rebecca Rod (staff), Joann Muneta (community), Jeannie Harvey (lifetime activist)
2010 - Rachel Todd (student), Francesca Sammarruca (faculty), Liz Sullivan (community)
2011 - Lynn McAlister (student), Chelsia Rice (student), Christine Moffitt (faculty), Christopher Bidiman (community)

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