We invite you to complete this short (5 minute) survey to get your views and comments to help create a community where people can grow old and live well. This survey is confidential and you will not be able to be identified individually.

* 1. Do you live in Howick? 

* 2. What do you like most about area you live in? (Please check all that apply)

* 3. Do any of the following issues concern you when you consider ageing well in your current home or in this neighbourhood? (Please check all that apply)

* 4. If you needed assistance which of these services would you find useful (Please check all that apply)

* 5. Where do you go to find out information about community activities and events?

* 6. Do you regularly participate in any of the following organised activities in or around Howick? (Please check all that apply)

* 7. If you don’t participate, or know someone in that position, what are the barriers that prevent participation? (Please check all that apply)

* 8. On average how often each week do you participate in an organised activity? (Please check which most applies to you)

* 9. In addition to organised activities how often each week do your interact with others in person or by phone? (Please check what most applies to you)

* 10. How satisfied are you with your current level of social contact with other people?

* 11. What concerns do you have about your situation right now?

* 12. If you have no issues or concerns what do you see older friends/neighbours/family struggling with?

* 13. What is your gender?

* 14. What is your age?

* 15. Who do you live with?

* 16. How would you describe your current life stage? (Please check all that apply)

If you would like to be kept informed or would be interested in being involved with the Village Without Walls @ Howick please email enquiries@hbh.org.nz