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The Veteran Light Study examines the effects of a home morning bright light treatment on chronic back pain in veterans. The study is 23 days long with a 1 month follow-up. 

You can earn up to $825 if you complete the entire study successfully.

The bright light treatment used in this study has been used for many years without negative health consequences and the bright light boxes emit no UV light. There are no invasive procedures or blood draws.

During the first 23 days of the study:
 - You will wear a wrist monitor which looks like a watch, to track your sleep.
 - You will fill out daily questionnaires that ask you about your pain, sleep and mood. 
 - You will collect your saliva at home on 3 separate afternoon/evenings.

During the 1 month follow up you will only need to fill out the daily questionnaires.

If you are interested in the study and wish to participate, please enter your name below and tell us how you learned about the Veteran Light Study. We only ask your name to make sure your responses are not mixed with others. Your information is kept confidential and only shared with the necessary research staff. 

We provide more details on the study on the next page.
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