* 1. Name of your organisation

* 2. Email address

* 3. How did you find out about VegfestUK Brighton?

* 4. What made you book a stall at VegfestUK Brighton?

* 5. How easy did you find booking a stall at VegfestUK Brighton?

* 6. How clear do you find the information given by the organisers?

* 7. How easy do you find contacting the organisers?

* 8. How happy are you with the service from the organisers?

* 9. Did you find the show...

* 10. Were your takings...

* 11. Did you find the marketing value of the show...

* 12. Was the amount of visitors to the show...

* 13. What did you think of the majority of the visitors to your stall?

* 14. Would you be likely to return to VegfestUK shows in future?

* 15. Do you trade at other vegan festivals in the UK?

* 16. Any further comments?

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