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Should the City of Vaughan continue to focus on supporting a sustainable and climate-friendly future? Should more transportation and mobility options, like public transit and active transportation, continue to be a priority? How important is accessible housing that is attainable for residents? Should Vaughan continue to support local jobs and business growth?

Vaughan is a growing city, transitioning from a growing suburban municipality to a fully urban space. This type of transformation requires strategic long-term thinking and planning that will allow us to adequately prepare for the future. Your feedback on what Vaughan’s priorities should be will greatly contribute to that effort. Your priorities are our priorities.

The City of Vaughan is updating the 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan, which will guide the organization over the next Term of Council (2022-2026). The following survey will allow you to share your views on what you think should be in the new strategic plan.

This survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. All answers will remain confidential, and results will only be published in numerical form.

Thank you for participating in shaping the future of your city and your community.

About the Service Excellence Strategic Plan 

The Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan identifies the strategic priorities that the administration will focus on to support the City in being a city of choice for both residents and businesses.

Each four-year Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan incrementally contributes toward the achievement of the Vaughan Vision and builds off the success of the previous plan to continue to align people, priorities, processes, and technology. The plan outlines Vaughan’s vision, mission and values and identifies the strategic key activities that staff will focus on to enable the execution and implementation of projects related to Council’s commitments to the citizens of Vaughan.

The City’s budget and business plan processes are aligned with the Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan to position the City to deliver on Council-approved priorities while continuing to keep the tax rate increase among the lowest in the Greater Toronto Area.

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