1. Survey Rationale

The Ontario Trails Council has collected over 40,000 points of data on Ontario's recreational trails. We know that there is a trail in over 430 communities. We know Ontario maintains over 80,000 km of trails. This means a sizable investment of time, effort and funds has been utilized to create the world's largest system of trails. This survey asks you to provide more detail on the inputs of time, effort and investment that made trails in your area.

* 1. My office covers the following geographic area (please list major cities, towns, county and township)

* 2. My office is responsible for trail development

* 3. In our area we have the following number of kilometers of trail:

* 4. Our trails support the following activities:

* 5. When we plan for trails we include the following activities as trail projects:

* 6. Name of Trail Organization, Body, Club or other authority responding to this survey.

* 7. Trail, or aggregate name of trails respondent is answering for: i.e. Bruce Trail, RTO7 or Credit Valley Conservation Trails.

* 8. We have trail trip counters on our trails.

* 9. We DO NOT have trail counters, we track the number of trail trips through:

* 10. We believe the total number of trail trips to our area to be:

* 11. We believe the value of these trips, per year, to our local economy to be:

* 12. In the last 5 years our office, or region has invested in:

* 13. We believe the total investment in capital building of trails in our area to be:

* 14. In making that investment we allocated a percentage by trail type:

* 15. In our area we believe the following number of F/T jobs are directly related to our trails:

* 16. In our area we believe the number of P/T jobs (incl seasonal work) directly related to our trails:

* 17. Our trail investment is staffed by the following:

* 18. Over the next year we have planned for the following number of trail projects:

* 19. In order to make these projects happen we are seeking funds.

* 20. In our region we work with the following land mangers to develop trail

* 21. We have a trails life cycle budget

* 22. We have a trails master-plan

* 23. We have a regional trails committee (functional)

* 24. Address