* 1. If you would rather get additional information about the Gap Analysis Program and NOT take the Quick Survey, please provide your name and email address in the space below. Then you can skip to the end of the survey and submit.

* 2. Does your organization have a crisis communication plan?

* 3. If you answered yes to the above question, when was it last updated?

* 4. What types of risks does your organization face? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Is your crisis communication team identified with contact information and is there a reliable, redundant process in place to notify them 24/7?

* 6. Do your plans comply with relevant government requirements in all your locations? In the US this means compliance with the National Incident Management System using the Incident Command System, including compatibility with the Joint Information Center model. (Check all that apply.

* 7. Does your crisis communication plan include clear policy or guidelines that express leadership's goals, practices and intentions in responding to a crisis?

* 8. Please check all of the following that describe your current policies, plans or practices that are designed to meet today's demands for instant communication using websites and social media.

* 9. Please indicate the social media channels that your organization uses routinely today:

* 10. Please check the social media channels that you plan to use during a crisis.

* 11. Does your plan include templates for fast initial messaging that does not require an approval process?

* 12. Does your approval process recognize a distinction between "information" or response facts and "messages" or major organization pronouncements?

* 13. Please check all that apply regarding your plan's crisis levels, team activation and initial communication strategies such as when and how far to distribute initial information. (Crisis levels are indicators of the severity of crisis such as Levels 1 to 3, or color codes like Red, Yellow, Green.)

* 14. Does your plan include a clear organization structure with various roles identified and defined, including job descriptions for all major roles?

* 15. List all of the communication channels that your plan specifically includes for distributing response information.

* 16. Does your plan include a robust plan for managing a very large volume of customer, employee, investor, government, community or other stakeholder inquiries and interactions including those on social media?

* 17. Does your plan provide for sufficient staffing, including contractors, who would be needed to support a worst-case scenario event?

* 18. Does your plan includes specifics on training for your communication team including the use of drills and exercises?

* 19. Please select the technologies used to support your crisis communication response whether they appear in your plan or not.

* 20. Please indicate which facilities including location information and contact phone numbers are identified in your plan:

* 21. Please let us know a bit about your organization

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Privately held, single or limited owners
Publicly held corporation
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Local or regional market or service area
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