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* 1. Your interest in Florida’s environmental future can be best described as:

* 2. Your knowledge of Florida’s wildflowers can be best described as:

* 3. The Florida Wildflower Foundation receives its funding from the $15 donation made with the sale of each State Wildflower license tag. How likely are you to purchase the State Wildflower tag for your vehicle?

* 4. You can also support the Foundation by becoming a paid member. Our annual membership fees are $25 for general members, $15 for seniors, $100 contributor/business, $250 sustaining. Those who purchase the State Wildflower license tag also are members. Please rate your interest in becoming a paid member.

* 5. The Foundation now holds two membership events a year – a gathering at the Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival in DeLand in March and an annual meeting in Orlando in September. How likely are you to attend either event?

* 6. Paid members and license tag members currently get benefits such as a quarterly newsletter, regular environmental news and updates, discounts on goods and services from our partners, and admission to the annual meeting in September. What other kind of membership benefits would you like to see the Foundation add? Choose all that apply.

* 7. Please list future topics that you’d like covered in the Foundation’s newsletter, on its Web site and at its member meetings.

* 8. The Florida Wildflower Foundation’s mission is to enrich lives with Florida’s native wildflowers. To that end, it is helping to start wildflower tourism in time for the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s naming of La Florida, which, roughly translates into “land of flowers.” Please rate your interest in driving an alternate route or extending a trip to see Florida wildflowers.

* 9. To what areas of the state are you most likely to travel to see wildflowers? (Choose all that apply)

* 10. Choose all that apply to your outdoor activities and interests.