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We're interested in learning if and how news organizations are using location-based technologies in their storytelling. Location-based technologies include GPS-enabled devices, mobile phones, interactive maps and audio tours. The results of this survey will help inform our recommendations on how news outlets can effectively utilize locative media.

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1. With which of the following examples of locative technology are you familiar? (Please select all that apply.)

2. Which of the below examples of locative media has your newsroom used? (Please select all that apply.)

3. How often does your newsroom use location-based technologies to complement news stories?

4. Below are potential obstacles that might prevent news organizations from incorporating location-based technologies into their storytelling.

On a scale from 0 to 4, please rate each of the choices to let us know which of the below you think pose the greatest threats. (0 indicates that you think the choice is not at all a threat and 4 indicates that you consider the choice to be a serious threat.)

  0 1 2 3 4
Lack of financial resources
Lack of staff expertise/technical skills
Time constraints
Lack of user interest

5. What types of stories are best told using location-based technologies?

6. Which type of story is least suited for location-based narratives?

7. Which newspapers and media organizations do you think are the most innovative? Why?

8. Which media organization (newspaper, magazine, television network, etc.) most effectively uses mobile technology for storytelling? Why?

9. Which media organization (newspaper, magazine, television network, etc.) least effectively uses mobile technology for storytelling? Why?

10. Looking to the future, what are your major concerns as GPS technology and location-based applications become more advanced? (i.e. privacy-related issues, users won’t digest stories in their entirety, etc.)

11. What is your age?

12. What is your gender?

13. What is your occupation?

14. In which city and state do you work?

15. If you would like to receive occasional updates from us or participate in any of our future events, please include your e-mail address in the box below.