* 1. Are you a current subscriber to the Signal Newspaper?

* 2. If Yes how long have you been a Signal subscriber?

* 3. Have you recently bought the Signal from a news rack or store?

* 4. Of the following, which ONE is the MOST important to you in a newspaper like the Signal?

* 5. In my opinion the Signal Newspaper NEEDS MORE of: (CHOOSE ONE)

* 6. In my opinion the Signal Newspaper NEEDS LESS of: (CHOOSE ONE)

* 7. Of the following, which is MOST IMPORTANT in the Signal Newspaper? (CHOOSE ONE)

* 8. The Signal newspaper regular 7-day subscription price of $1.92 per week or about 27 cents a day is a very good value:

* 9. Would the Signal subscription be of more value if you could read the printed pages of the paper online along with other exclusive features about the Santa Clarita Valley?

* 10. What could we do to make the Signal newspaper more valuable to you?

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