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Thank you for your interest in IndyGo’s future service plan!

IndyGo's future service plan is the roadmap for improving transit service in Marion County over the next 5 years.  The primary features of the plan include:
  • Phased Implementation. As it is currently envisioned, the future service plan would be implemented in six phases.  The soonest that Phase 1 could be implemented is in 2023 and it is anticipated that Phase 6 would be completed in 2027. The plan is to restore 10-minute weekday frequency on the Red Line and then begin to implement local route improvements that can support the entire bus rapid transit network as the Purple Line and Blue Line become operational.
  • Improved Frequency. The plan improves frequency on most routes and expands the number of high-frequency corridors (15 minutes or better). 
  • New Destinations. Several routes would be extended to provide access to existing grocery stores and other shopping destinations.
  • New Crosstown Services. Crosstown services are improved in several corridors, reducing the need to go downtown for connections and offering new connections throughout the system.
  • Route Simplification. Especially in central Indianapolis, the plan provides more frequent service in fewer corridors, making the service easier to understand and more convenient to use.
  • Reduced Duplication. Routes in some areas would be restructured to reduce duplication and to better match the level of service with the demand for transit in the area.
The map below illustrates the entire IndyGo network once the Blue Line becomes operational, which at this time is anticipated to be 2027. The three BRT routes (Red, Purple and Blue Lines) are highlighted on the map and all local routes are color-coded by weekday peak-hour frequency to distinguish between the corridors with rapid or frequent service (15 minutes or better), basic service (30 minutes) and coverage service (60 minutes).

You can also explore an interactive map of the future service plan that provides more detail about each route and when specific changes are anticipated to happen.

General information about the process that led to the future service plan can be found on the project website.

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IndyGo’s Improved Network Redesign (Peak Hour Weekday Frequency in Phase 6 - Anticipated by 2027)

Map of Future Service Plan by Peak Hour Frequency (Phase 6 - Anticipated by 2027)

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