Community Feedback for Carleton Place’s Marketing, Messaging and Branding Project

In the spring of 2018, the Town of Carleton Place, the Carleton Place and District Chamber, and the Downtown BIA decided that, after using the current 'Meet Me on the Mississippi' branding for a decade, it was time to evaluate its effectiveness for local community groups and tourism as well as determine if it’s still resonating with residents.

The Town applied for a grant to complete this project and it was launched in late spring. 
After conducting more than 100 interviews and surveys, the data revealed that civic pride and engagement as well as attracting new residents and tourists were key priorities for the marketing strategy.

Cat's Cove Communications was tasked with developing a strategy to move Carleton Place's brand and our brand promise forward. This includes the messaging, the marketing and the collateral.

The concepts were presented to Town Council on Sept. 11, 2018, and council provided their feedback.

And now it’s your turn.

We want to get community insight on the messaging and the re-design, and so we’ve included an online survey to complete, which asks questions related to the project. 

Please review the marketing messaging as well as the brand re-design (on the Town of Carleton Place website)

Once you do that, please click on the survey link to provide feedback. It can be completed anonymously or you can include your name. The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This survey will be open until Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.

Question Title

* 1. The Carleton Place Brand Promise is outlined as follows:

“The Town of Carleton Place is a place where good things happen. We promise you’ll come to a place where you’ll meet new friends, connect with neighbours and explore a landscape encompassing water, parks and trails. We’re a community that embraces innovation and growth while also valuing our history, stories and the people who define us. We’re vibrant yet quaint. Where innovation meets comfort.

In other words?

We’re the place where you put your feet up after a hard day. Where you’ll cheer your kids on at soccer games. Where you’ll take in good conversation with a friend over coffee. Where you’ll unwind while exploring the trails with your partner. Where you’ll run into five people you know at the grocery store. Where you’ll discover your next big idea for work. Where you’ll experience new traditions, new friendships and new memories in your home and within your community. We’re the place where you’ll feel at home. Welcome home.”

When you read this passage, how does it make you feel? (what’s your immediate response? What emotions come up?)

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* 2. If implemented, this marketing strategy is how the Town would move forward with its messaging. We’d build our content marketing (e.g. website, social media, press) to share the stories of our community members and ignite pride in the good things happening in Carleton Place.

What’s your perspective on this approach?

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* 3. Carleton Place is set to turn 200 in 2019. With that, we’d roll out stories and share our history as part of our content marketing. As well, we’d outline how visitors can experience Carleton Place’s history when they come to visit.

How important is it to you to showcase and promote the history?

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* 4. After consultations and feedback, the majority of responses indicated the Meet Me on the Mississippi tagline didn’t resonate with them. We’ll still be using the ‘Meet Me’ concept and use visuals to showcase Carleton Place while igniting emotion from the viewer when they see it. For instance, Meet Me to Explore will be paired up with a photo of someone kayaking on the Mississippi.

How do you feel about going in this messaging direction? Why?

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* 5. The logo was also an element in which we requested feedback from the community in our research phase. With the data collected, the logo was re-designed to offer flexibility with its use as well as using fresh colours and fonts.

When you first saw the logo re-design, what was your initial response? Why?

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* 6. What elements do you like about the logo and branding? (colours, fonts, graphics, etc). Why?

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* 7. What – if anything – would you change about the proposed logo re-design? Why?

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* 8. Anything else you wish to add?

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* 9. Your Name (optional)