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* 2. To what extent do you see your company as a "space" organisation?

* 3. Of which support organisations, listed below, is your company a member?

* 4. Please rate the following sector support services according to their importance to your company.
1 = necessary  2 = very important  3 = moderately important  4 = not important

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Support in raising equity and government R&D funding
Marketing of the Scottish space sector
Representation of sector to government agencies
Organisation of a Scottish stand at industry conferences
Regular newsletter
One-to-one meetings to provide sector guidance
Networking events

* 5. How much benefit would your company gain from collective marketing to promote Scotland's broad space capabiities?

* 6. How much benefit would your company gain from a marketing initiative that focused specifically on the promotion of Scotland's "new space" capabilities?

* 7. If an industry-led organisation was formed, delivering the support services important to you, which type of body would your company become a member of?  One that provided:

* 8. Please provide any other comments on the space sector support that your company needs.

* 9. Would you like to be invited to a meeting to discuss future collective support for the space sector in Scotland?