1. Welcome to MOOC and Open Education Issues Survey

AACE is planning to host a Pre-conference Symposium on Monday, October 21, 2013 titled “MOOCs and Open Education around the World” in connection with E-Learn 2013 in Las Vegas. You can click here for more information about this event. This survey is designed to collect information related to your interest in this symposium. We especially want to get your insight into the issues you think are most important in establishing a better research and development agenda related to MOOCs and Open Education. As you probably know, MOOCs in particular have attracted a lot of attention ranging from great enthusiasm in some quarters and outright antagonism in others. But MOOCs are just one type of Open Education. In recognition of a general trend during openness in education, we want to get your input into how we should grapple with issues such as design, accreditation, credentialing, quality standards, assessment, learner motivation, attrition, etc. during the symposium. Thank you.

* 1. How would you rate your familiarity with MOOCs?

* 2. MOOCs are an innovation that will have a positive impact on education.

* 3. I use open educational resources.

* 4. How many MOOCs have you enrolled in as a learner?

* 5. Do you plan to enroll in a MOOC within the next year?

* 6. Open Education is a positive trend in education.

* 7. My institution or organization frowns on people who use open educational resources.

* 8. Please rate the importance of each of the following issues related to MOOCs and Open Education.

  Not at all important Low importance Average importance Above average importance Of the highest importance
For Profit versus Not For Profit
Instructor role
Student motivation
Cultural relevance
Informal learning

* 9. Please rate your interest in the following types of activities during this type of symposium

  Not at all interested Only a little interested Average interest Above average interest Extremely interested
Brief (20 minutes or less) presentations by experts
Work sessions with 5-7 other participants
Panel discussions
Poster summaries of the outcomes of work sessions
Question and answer sessions with experts

* 10. At this time, I would rate my interest in attending this "MOOCs and Open Education around the World" Pre-Conference Symposium as

* 11. Please add any other comments you wish to make to the organizers of this event.

* 12. If you are highly likely or already definitely plan to attend this preconference symposium session, please include your name and email address for follow up information. Thank you.