Survey on Housing for People with an Enduring Mental Illness

MyHome in Canberra is an ACT community-based organisation which is seeking to establish a safe, supportive and caring home for people with enduring mental illness.  MyHome has a vision to provide a caring and supportive home for 20 people living with mental illness.
The 2016 Parliamentary Agreement between Labor and the Greens indicated a commitment to construct accommodation in line with the MyHome Canberra project plan.

Carers ACT is supportive of accommodation options that meet the needs of carers and people with mental illness. As such we have agreed to ask carers for their views and opinions on the MyHome proposal.

We know there is a great need for suitable housing for people with a mental illness.  To progress the MyHome project, however, we need to know more about the type of housing required and about potential residents.  If you are living with a mental illness or are a carer, family member or friend, please take 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Information provided in the survey will be collated and deidentified by Carers ACT and provided to the MyHome Board. 
MyHome in Canberra

Features of the project and model of care which MyHome envisages for Canberra include:

·         A purpose-built housing complex, currently proposed in Curtin, comprising around 20 self-contained units and common facilities.  These would afford privacy to residents but encourage social interaction including meals in a common dining area and provide the opportunity to be part of a community. 

 ·        MyHome offers independent living with single occupancy dwelling but with easy access to support and companionship through common areas and a community of support.

·         An environment which is not ‘institutional’ and which offers residents long-term security of tenure in ‘a home to call their own’. 

·         Safety and security provided by 24/7 support and a single point of entry to the site.

·         The involvement of volunteers in activities for residents.

·         An ethos of care which is person-centred and devoted to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the person.  MyHome aims to support the building of capacity for self-management amongst residents and developing skills and resources for living in a recovery- oriented environment.

·         The linking of residents to the providers of the range of services needed to promote well-being eg health, welfare, employment, educational.

·         Strong connection to and collaboration with families, friends and carers.

·         Strong connections with the local community in which MyHome is situated such that residents can feel they are part of that community.

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* 1. (tick one box) Are you:

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* 2. Do you or the person you care for currently live in independent living?

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* 3. Do yo or the person you care for have a desire to live in independent living?

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* 4. Is your/their current accommodation suitable?

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* 5. What are the main barriers to obtaining suitable accommodation?

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* 6. What supports do you think are critical to help maintain a tenancy?

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* 7. What two aspects of the MyHome model as described above are most appealing to you?

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* 8. If the person you care for was living in MyHome, what, if any, support are you willing to provide?

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* 9. Do you or the person you care for currently have an NDIS plan?

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* 10. If you are interested in learning more about MyHome please provide your name and contact details below. This information will be provided to MyHome seperately from the answers above. MyHome will use your details to send you information about becoming a supporter, details about information sessions and keep you informed of progress.