The Town of Tecumseh is seeking feedback on Storefront Cannabis locations following new funding information supplied by the province.

Tecumseh will receive a first payment from the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund of $11,635 in January 2019 regardless of whether we opt-in or out of having a Cannabis Storefront in Town. If we opt-out by January 22, 2019, the second payment will be capped at $5,000. If we opt-in, the second payment will be based on household numbers and not capped at $5,000.

The information collected in this survey will be shared with Town Council as part of a report on Cannabis at the December 11, 2018 meeting of Council—the first of the new term of this Council.

On October 17, 2018 Cannabis was legalized in Canada by the Federal Government.

As of October 17, 2018 consumers 19 years of age or older became legally able to purchase recreational cannabis but through an online retail platform only, one operated by the Ontario Cannabis store.
Next Step

On April 1, 2019 Ontario will allow licensed private sector retailers to sell recreational cannabis from store fronts in communities across the Province.

Municipalities are faced with an all or nothing decision to regulating retail cannabis stores:

1. Municipalities can opt out of allowing retail storefront sales entirely


2. Municipalities can allow retail storefront sales

These are the two options available to Municipalities:

Opt Out:
  • Town Council must pass a resolution and provide it to the province by January 22, 2019 to opt out. 
  • The Town can subsequently opt in at any time, but will be unable to opt out in the future
  • If the Town opts out, the province will not issue any retail store authorizations for locations in Tecusmeh and there will be no legal storefronts here. 
  • Individuals can purchase recreational cannabis online from the Ontario Cannabis Store or from a cannabis retail store in a municipality that has not opted out. 
  • If the Town opts out, we will still receive a first payment from the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund but the second payment will be limited to $5,000 and there will be no opportunity to share in the federal excise duty.
  • The province is setting aside $10 million from the Fund for “unforeseen circumstances” and priority will be given to municipalities that did not opt out as of January 22, 2019.
Allow Storefront Cannabis Sales (Opt-In):
  • If the Town doesn't opt out then the Town is automatically deemed to have opted in and cannot opt out in the future. 
  • The province controls the licensing and operation of the private cannabis retail stores. 
  • The province requires a cannabis retail store to be a minimum distance of 150 metres from a school. 
  • The Town is not permitted to impose any additional restrictions specific to cannabis retail stores through its zoning by-law (i.e. distance separation from:  other cannabis retail stores, addiction treatment facilities, parks, sports fields, community centres, long-term care homes, etc.). 
  • The Town is not permitted to limit the number of cannabis retail stores in Town. 
  • The Town is not permitted to create business licensing regulations specific to cannabis retail stores. 
  • The AGCO will require applicants to post a placard at a proposed store location for 15 calendar days. The AGCO will also post a notice on its website.  During the 15 day notice period the Town and its residents may provide written submissions to the AGCO through its website.  The submissions can only relate to 3 public interest factors:  (1)  protection of public health and safety;  (2)  protection of youth and the restriction of their access to cannabis;  and (3) prevention of illicit activities in relation to cannabis.  By opting in, the Town will receive the first payment under the Fund but will also receive a second payment that is based on a per household basis (not capped at $5,000) and priority access to the “unforeseen circumstances” funding.
  • If the province’s portion of the federal excise duty on recreational cannabis over the first two years of legalization exceeds $100 million, the province will provide 50% of the surplus only to those municipalities that have not opted out as of January 22, 2019.

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Tecumseh Ward Boundary Map

Tecumseh Ward Boundary Map