Quilting Arts December 2010/January 2011 Reader Survey

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Thread Sketching 101 (Susan Brubaker Knapp)
Quilted & Painted Canvases (Ana Buzzalino)
Metal as a Surface Embellishment (Mary Hettmansperger)
Creating Your Own Cloth from Stitch (Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn)
Artist Profile: Sue Benner (Pippa Eccles)
"A Sense of Direction: Sightlines"
In the Spotlight: Mary Pal
Minding Your Business (Jane Davila)
Experiments with Thermofax Printing (Lynn Krawczyk)
Printing with a Brayer (Lisa Kerpoe)
Plein Air Printing (Wen Redmond)
Serendipitous Screen Printing (Diane Rusin Dorin)
Super Simple Silk Screening (Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum)
Light Up Your Art Quilts (Cheryl Sleboda)
A Simple Approach to Digital Imagery on fabric (Liz Kettle)
Textile Technique Book (Jill Amanda Kennedy)
Putting It In Reverse (Beryl Taylor)
Take It Away! (Pokey Bolton)

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