Feedback for the review of BBC as an 'impartial and accurate purveyor of news and programming'

The BBC is conducting a review of how it is perceived as an “impartial and accurate purveyor of news and programming”. The MCB would like to take this opportunity to convey to the BBC the views of its affiliates and activists on the way it covers matters of interest and concern to Muslim communities in Britain. Your input would be much appreciated, in particular if you could provide responses to the short questions below. These will then be formed as a basis for the MCB’s discussions with the BBC on its ‘Impartiality Review’.

* 1. In your opinion, how do you feel about the BBC's coverage of Islam and Muslims? Please give examples in your answer.

* 2. Overall, how would you rate the BBC's Impartiality? Please tick ONE box

* 3. When was the last time you saw Muslims or Islam on the BBC? Please provide as much information as you can, eg, programme, presenter, date, time and any other relevant information.

* 4. What was it about?

* 5. Was it positive or negative towards Islam or Muslims? please give examples

* 6. When the BBC covers an issue concerning Muslims, do you think the persons representing Muslims are reflective of the community you live in? Again, please give examples. Who was the person? What did he or she say?

* 7. Can you think of any examples where the BBC nationally or regionally has given coverage to the positive and beneficial work of Muslim communities and its associations?

* 8. When thinking about other faith or BME communities, how well do you think the Muslim viewpoint (s) are represented on the BBC? Please give examples if possible