1. Opportunity and purpose of questionnaire


"Questionnaire on the adoption of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) within the UK Schools sector which are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS)".


SaaS is a model of software deployment whereby a provider licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand. The service is invariably delivered via the internet. Well known examples of this are GoogleApps, SalesForce.com etc. It is different from a managed service in that the customer does not purchase any software licenses and therefore can increase or reduce the usage of the service as necessary, thus providing flexibility and cost savings. The trade off to this is A SaaS is delivered in a standardised way, the ability to make some configuration and administrative changes is possible but typically more limited than a managed service which is configured to suit each organisations specific needs.

SaaS allows an organisation to adopt and deploy new services to it's users in many cases much more quickly than traditional on premise services. It also removes much of the support and licensing overhead that an organisation may experience managing it's own services. Many SaaS services have open source technologies at the heart of their systems, something that many organisations are hesitant in adopting due to the uncertainty of support, upgrades etc. SaaS can mitigate much of this risk whilst passing on savings to the customer. A major area of adoption is the Small, Medium Enterprise sector (SME). It is understood that this is mainly due to these organisations not having the financial or human resources necessary needed to deliver and support a variety of diverse and complex systems.

The Schools sector may benefit from such a model also, however in such a large diverse sector requirements are going to vary significantly. The purpose of this questionnaire is to try and understand people's attitudes to such a model and it's barriers to adoption.