Winter Sports

* 1. Name:

* 2. Please check the winter sport you participated in.

* 3. Sportsmanship and respect toward officials, opponents and others was expected of team members at all times and was modeled appropriately.

* 4. Team rules and expectations were clearly stated and communicated.

* 5. Consequences were firm, fair and consistent.

* 6. I felt like a valuable member of my team this season.

* 7. I felt I could discuss any concerns with team captains.

* 8. I felt I could discuss any concerns with the coaching staff.

* 9. Coach demonstrates knowledge of rules and strategy of the sport.

* 10. Promotes personal growth among athletes.

* 11. Overall player/team improvement from first game to last game.

* 12. I felt encouraged to continue playing this sport.

* 13. As the season progressed the practices were increasingly challenging and engaging.

* 14. I would like to play for this coach again next year.

* 15. Please list any additional comments.