Call for Abstracts

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Ohio Public Health Partnership, consisting of the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, Ohio Association of Boards of Health, Ohio Environmental Health Association, Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA), and the Ohio Society for Public Health Education, are seeking abstracts for the 2023 Ohio Public Health Combined Conference. The event will be held Monday-Wednesday, April 24-26, 2023, at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center, Lewis Center, OH.

Our ability to address complex public health challenges has been in the public spotlight more than ever before. The conference aims to create learning opportunities to advance public health, reinforce the tremendous value of the workforce, and express gratitude for the collective commitment of those who protect and serve our communities and population.

In-person and virtual presentation components will be accepted. In-person presentations will be given priority consideration, but virtual presentations will be considered based upon response, innovation, and fit.
It is expected that sessions follow best practices and science, convey innovative approaches, engage participants, and advance skills. Sessions will range in time from 60 minutes (didactic, demonstration, ignite thinking) to a 90-minute skill-building (discover, discuss, practice) workshop style.
Priority will be given to presentations that focus on one of the topics of interest listed below. The list was generated from feedback received from past participants, members of the associations listed above, and ODH staff.
Topics of Interest:

Workforce Development & Training

·        Recruiting and maintaining new public health professionals.

·        Creating success for new employees.

·        Continued learning for seasoned professionals.

Improving Outcomes

·        Utilizing performance management strategies.

·        Fostering innovation.

·        Assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Equity & Engagement

·        Building consensus.

·        Vulnerable populations and cultural relevancy.

·        Bridging sectors.

·        Engaging the community, partners, and stakeholders.

·        Improving accessibility.

Communities & Climate

·        Planning and crisis preparedness.

·        Air, water, food vulnerability, and ensuring safety.

·        Public health’s role in environmental changes.

·        Helping every Ohioans live their life to its full potential.

·        Housing stability and vitality in neighborhoods.

Informatics, Technology & Messaging

·        Media and social media messaging.

·        Technology, computer science, and applied information methods.

·        Telehealth and access.

Emerging Trends & Needs

·        Population needs across the life course.

·        Behavioral health and substance use disorder.

·        Prevention and “upstream.”

·        Chronic disease.

·        Economics and health.

·        Pending legislation with public health impact.

·        Communicable disease.

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