Why This Survey

We only need 15 congregations to pass a resolution to amend the UUA bylaws to reflect the changing paradigm of how humans relate to and care for other species. No matter which Principle or change is chosen in the resolution, the vote at the General Assembly will be for the UUA Board to appoint a Study Commission for two years. We need these two years to deepen the reflection and do the work, together, so that we have the collective wisdom as to which Principle to change, and how. Until then we encourage each congregation to pass the same amendment, knowing that in effect we are just voting for a Study Commission, which will likely make changes.

Currently the resolution we are attempting to change is the First Principle so that it reads, "inherent worth and dignity of every being." We have 3 congregations after a year's work, and are wondering if we need to make any course adjustments and select a different resolution to garner more support. We need your help and input to help guide this effort. Thank you for taking this survey.  You can find out the results of this survey, or get connected and make comments by contacting Rev. Dr. LoraKm Joyner (amoloros@gmail.com)

- The First Principle Project

If you do not identify as a Unitarian Universalist, please do not take this survey. You can find out more about Unitarian Univeralism here:

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Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry