2017 AAP Child Health Advocate Award

Potential Nominees
● Governors
● State Legislators
● State Constitutional Officers (eg, Attorney General, Secretary of State)
● State Agency Directors
● State Public Officials (eg, Insurance Commissioner, State Auditor)
● Career Public Servants (eg, employees of state or local government who have improved children's health and well-being)
● Mayors and Other Executives of Cities, Counties, or Communities
● Advocates for Health and Welfare of Children in Your State (eg, nonprofit leaders, attorneys, business leaders)

(This award is not intended for United States Senators, Representatives, or other federal government officials. The AAP Excellence in Public Service Award recognizes these individuals for their accomplishments.)

● The nominee's specific legislative, regulatory, advocacy, or programmatic accomplishments and commitment to child advocacy.
● The nominee may be recognized for a single significant achievement or a career of advocacy on behalf of children.
● The nominee's leadership qualities have been demonstrated through his/her promotion of children's health and safety issues and development of related programs in the state government arena.
● Nominees should exhibit a high degree of both personal and professional integrity.

The AAP Committee on State Government Affairs will review the nominations and recommend a recipient to the AAP Executive Committee for approval.

The recipient of the Child Health Advocate Award will be honored with a commemorative plaque to be presented at the state AAP chapter's meeting or related event and be recognized in AAP News.