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* 1. Please rate the following features on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) interest.

  Not at all important to me Extremely important to me
• Better integration with Flash and Web authoring tools (e.g. components that translate with code & behaviors intact)
* Better Illustrator integration (e.g. make using Illustrator inside Photoshop as easy as double-clicking to edit a symbol in Flash or Illustrator)
• Linked files (edit one document & have the change reflected in several documents that link to it)
• Intelligent widgets (e.g. buttons that resize smartly (a la 9-Slice); button bars that automatically scale/add buttons when resized; arrows with variable heads that orient themselves to path direction; etc.)
• High fidelity Web output (e.g. dashed lines that convert to CSS definitions)
• Buttons with states (editable Up, Down, Over, etc.)
• Better vector drawing tools
• Pixel-accurate Web rendering (i.e. text and objects that appear exactly as they would in a browser)
• Ability to skin widgets & change widget skins (e.g. flip a button from Mac to Windows, or iPhone to Android)
• Better control over strokes and fills, including dashed lines
* Type styles (edit a style definition in order to update multiple type layers at once)
• Intelligent, skinnable charts (including ones with live data feeds)
• Symbols (reusable objects that can be dragged in from a Library panel)