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* 1. On how many occasions do you participate in sport and physical activity a week?

* 2. If answered 'yes', how many hours do you participate on college site or sport organised by the college?

* 3. Please state what sport you do at the college?

* 4. If answered 'yes' how many hours do you participate out of college?

* 5. Do you represent the college in any competitive sport?

* 6. If answered 'yes' please state which sport or physical activity?

* 7. If answered 'no', are there any sports you would like to participate or represent the college at?

* 8. If you would like to participate or represent the college at any other sports please state here

* 9. If you would like to do activities at college, when would you like to do them? (Please tick as appropriate)

* 10. Do you participate in any 'intra' college sport? (Intra college sport means competitng against other students from the college)

* 11. If answered 'yes' please state sport

* 12. Are you involved with a sports club in the community?

* 13. If answered yes, please give name and address of club

* 14. What is you role at the club? e.g. coach, umpire, referee, admin assistant, events organiser etc

* 15. Are you currently involved in any sports leadership? (i.e. you hold a formal coaching, leadership qualification and are actively involed in leading?)

* 16. If answered 'yes' where does the leadership take place and what qualifications have you gained?

* 17. Do you volunteer at sport?

* 18. If answered 'yes' where?

* 19. What is your volunteer role? (coaching, officiating, umpiring, website manager, finance, administrator)

* 20. Is there anything that you do not enjoy about sport and physical activity? Please list reasons

* 21. Personal Details:

If you have any other questions regarding the questionnaire please contact Kate Hansbury by emailing kate.hansbury@rrca.org.uk or telephone 07795 286855