Leadership, Purpose and Direction

* 1. In my school, our school leaders support student success.

* 2. I share responsibility for my learning with my teachers and administrators.

* 3. Our school communicates effectively about school wide expectations.

* 4. I am aware of school events and important dates.

* 5. My school considers students' opinions when planning ways to improve the school.

Interpersonal Relationships

* 6. Adults in my school model the values of respect, responsibility and fairness for all.

* 7. I feel welcome and appreciated at school.

* 8. My teacher(s) help me to understand my progress.

* 9. My teacher(s) communicate effectively with me.

* 10. I have one adult at school who knows me well and shows interest in my education and future.

* 11. My school shares information about school successes with family and community members.

Facilities and Safety

* 12. My school is clean, orderly and appealing.

* 13. My school has clearly communicated rules and procedures to maintain student safety.

* 14. School staff consistently enforce rules.

* 15. Consequences for violations of school rules are fair.

* 16. I feel safe from verbal abuse, harassment and exclusion at school.

* 17. I feel safe from physical harm at school.

* 18. I feel safe while riding the school bus.

Teaching and Assessing for Learning

* 19. My teacher(s) help me figure out how I learn best.

* 20. My teacher(s) use a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities.

* 21. I see a connection between what is being taught and the real world.

* 22. My teacher(s) provide me with information about my learning and grades.

* 23. All of my teachers use tests, projects, presentations and portfolios to check my understanding of what was taught.

* 24. My school prepares me to deal with issues I may face in the future.

* 25. I have access to and utilize up-to-date technology at school.

* 26. I have access to and utilize up-to-date technology at home.

* 27. My teachers help me stay organized and monitor my learning with the following tools:

* 28. I am given multiple assessments to measure my understanding of what was taught.

* 29. I am informed of policies, processes and procedures related to grading and reporting.

* 30. I am prepared for success in the next school year (or course).

Resources and Support Systems

* 31. I have access to support services:  

Open Ended Questions

* 32. What do you like best about our school?

* 33. What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve our school?