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We asked teachers to help us come up with ideas for the next generation of Quick Key, our smartphone app that turns grading assessments from a grueling task into a few short minutes with your phone.

We put most of the feature ideas into this survey. We want to know: for each feature, should we build it now, or put it on the back burner?

We will take the most popular of these features and build as many as we can into the Quick Key app between now and September 2013. If you want to see your favorite features included in the next generation of Quick Key, follow me on Twitter at @4_teachers, and back us on Kickstarter!

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Design by Educators, Inc.

Walter, Marlon, and Isaac

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* 1. Please rate the importance of the following features for the Quick Key smartphone app.

  Make it now! I can wait for this feature
For School Admins: automatically sync data from all teachers in network to school's Data Warehouse
Handwriting recognition to grade manual math computation assessments
A student dashboard so students can get immediate feedback and track their own progress
Handwriting recognition to grade short answer assessments
Enhanced analytics, including student progress over time and custom reports
Share your Question:Answer Sets with your colleagues around the world. Earn points and rank Q:A Sets from other teachers. Drag & Drop Q:A sets into your own quizzes
A full-featured app designed specifically for iPad and iPad mini
Parent Access: Allow parents to log in and see the results of Quick Key assessments for their child
Create and store entire quizzes, including the question and answer text, using a template on the phone or our Website. Tag specific questions then track performance and search stored questions by tag
Allow comments and public discussion and real-time public messaging within the app, monitored by the teacher
Integrate snapshots of media.
Essays: allow students to submit electronic essays, or write them in Quick Key, then mark up and grade the essays electronically
For School Admins: a dashboard showing stats for all Quick Key users in your school network
Import MS Word documents into Quick Key, and quickly match content to our quiz template
Sharing among teachers: Link to your colleagues' Quick Key and co-assess your students.
Include a calendar that can have class schedule/ activities/ assignments
Link student behavior entries from LMS/SMS and map them over student assessment results
One-button uploading of quiz results to your school's LMS or electronic grade book
Quick-Stand: a laser-cut device stand and paper tray, so you can grade assessments without holding the phone or iPad in your hand.
An Android version of Quick Key, for phones and tablets
A Windows Phone/tablet version of Quick Key
Export images of the answer box as pdf, JPG, PNG
Grade Essays by entering scores on a rubric, directly into the phone
Track students year-on-year
Lock-in: Let students or assistants use your device to grade quizzes, but not the rest of your device.
Paperless All-digital Quizzing (requires 1-to-1 computing environment): allow students to take quizzes on their phone or other hand-held device
Expanded Electronic Grade Book: Go beyond basic record-keeping of the Quick Key beta to a full-fledged grade book with weighted grades and automatic calculations
Allow students to create their own quizzes via the Web or on their own device, or a school device

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* 2. If your school uses a learner management system (LMS) or electronic grade book, and you want one-button sync between the LMS and Quick Key, please tell us which LMS or grade-book you use.

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* 3. Do you want Quick Key to be available internationally? Which country or region?

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