* 1. What is your age?

* 2. If you attend or work at SUNY-ESF/SU, what are you?

* 3. If you are a student at ESF what is your acedemic year?

* 4. How many dams over 3 feet do you think there are in the United States?

* 5. Answer the following questions with a rating from one to five. One being no knowledge and five being highly knowledgeable.

  Not knowledgeable  Somewhat knowledgeable  Neutral  Knowledgeable  Very knowlegeable 
What is your knowledge about hydropower?
What is your knowledge of migratory patterns of fish?

* 6. Rank these world energy sources in order of least detrimental to the environment to most detrimental. Coal, Petroleum based fuel, natural gas, nuclear power, hydropower, solar, and wind.

* 7. In one brief statement describe your opinion/outlook on the implications of dams across the United States.

* 8. How many river systems do you think are undammed and free to meet the sea across the United States.

* 9. How many years do you think dams have been used for hydropower in North America?

* 10. What is the mortality rate of american eels going through one hydropower dams?