Comment on the revised Wellness Policy 6690

MPS is amending its current Wellness Policy (Policy 6690) in order to comply with changes in Federal Rules and align policy with current best practices. Funding for the Federal School Meal Programs depends on compliance with these rules. Changes are effective July 1, 2017. The purpose of Policy 6690 and associated regulations is to develop healthy learners through a school environment that promotes and protects students' and staff's health, well-being and ability to learn.

More information is available on the MPS Culinary and Wellness website found here.

* 2. In 100 words or less, please provide your comments for the above policy changes.

* 3. Please state your agreement level with the following statement.  I believe these changes will increase students' health, well-being and ability to learn.

* 4. Please provide any additional suggestions that you feel would be helpful in informing wellness policy decisions.

* 5. Which of the following groups do you represent?