* 1. We will be holding our First Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday June 1 from 1-5 PM.  It will be open to all members 17 and over and will be held as centrally located as possible.  Parents of younger members may also attend.  We need your response to this survey to get a count of attendees in order to reserve an appropriate venue.  The agenda will be a general GEVA town hall type meeting followed by junior and adult breakout sessions.  We will limit our discussions to GEVA's role in promoting volleyball, any specific club issues will not be addressed.  This will be your chance to learn about what we do and our plans for future growth. You will be able to ask questions face to face and we will be looking for volunteers to join various committees.  A detailed agenda will follow by early May and any suggestions for a venue would be appreciated in the comments section below. We have a preliminary count from the previous survey of 150 but expect more now that we have a confirmed date
Thank you

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* 3. Please rank the following to help us develop our agenda. These were the top five answers to our last survey

* 4. Are there any specific questions you would like to be addressed at this event?