We need your feedback to make the Sourcing Hub even better

The NEPCon Sourcing Hub has been live for six months.  In that time, more than 25,000 users have accessed the site! We want to hear from you about what you like or dislike about the Sourcing Hub, and how we can better meet your needs to make responsible sourcing decisions. 
Don't worry, we will keep all your answers confidential.

* 1. How many times have you accessed the NEPCon Sourcing Hub in the past 6 months?

* 2. Do you expect to use the Sourcing Hub in the future?

* 4. How did you hear about the Sourcing Hub?

* 5. Why have you visited / do you visit the Sourcing Hub (you can choose more than one answer, or add your own)

* 6. Would you like to see any other countries or commodities featured on the Sourcing Hub?

* 7. What do you like most about the Sourcing Hub?

* 8. What do you like least / dislike about the Sourcing Hub?

* 9. The timber risk map on the Sourcing Hub includes a colour scale from green to red.
What does the red colour mean to you? 

* 10. Is it clear to you, how to source legally from a country coloured red on the Sourcing Hub i.e. the Democratic Republic of the Congo country page

* 11. When you see the timber risk map on the Sourcing Hub, would you automatically strive to avoid sourcing from the countries coloured red?

* 12. Is the scoring system used to allocate colours on the map clear to you? In other words, do you know why some countries are 'more red' than others?

* 13. The Timber Risk Score, displayed on each country page, is calculated based on the Timber Legality Risk Assessment for that country. Are you using the Timber Risk Score in your due diligence?

* 14. Compared to this time two years ago, do you think that more companies are conducting due diligence with the aim of excluding illegal timber from their supply chains?

* 15. For those companies that were already conducting due diligence two years ago, would you say that their systems are more robust now?

* 16. We are currently exploring ways to ensure we have funding for the Sourcing Hub in the future. One option is to introduce premium content that would require you to register to use the Sourcing Hub. What would you think about having to register to use the Sourcing Hub?

* 17. Would you be willing to support the Sourcing Hub financially? For example, through donation or corporate sponsorship?

* 18. Do you have any other advice or feedback for us about the NEPCon Sourcing Hub?