How must trust do you have in those trying to define pro cycling's future?

Sound off on this quick Flandria Cafe opinion poll: How much do you personally trust those vying to lead elite cycling into the future?

Question Title

* 1. Tell us how much you personally trust each of the individuals listed below to lead pro cycling in a way you feel it needs to be improved.
Use a 1-10 scale where 1= "Completely Distrust"(e.g. wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him) and 10 = ""Completely Trust" (e.g. I'd trust him with my life)

  1 (completely distrust) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (completely trust)
Jean-Etienne Amaury (ASO)
Wouter Vandenhaute (Flanders Classics)
Pat McQuaid (UCI)
Jonathan Price (WSC)
Gianni Bugno (CPA)
Jonathan Vaughters (CCN/Slipstream)
Jaimie Fuller (CCN)
Michele Acquarone (RCS sport)
Andy Rihs (BMC cycling)
Roger Legeay (MPCC)
Eric Boyer (CCN, DS)
Christian Prudhomme (ASO)
Andy Layhe (Bike Pure)
David Lappartient (ECU)
Paul Kimmage (CCN)
Greg LeMond (CCN)
Dave Brailsford (SKY cycling)
Zdenek Bakala (Quick Step)
Michael Ashenden
David Walsh (Journalist, CCN)
Thomas Kurth (WSC)
Hein Verbruggen (UCI)

Question Title

* 2. Is there anyone you'd trust to lead cycling in the direction you believe it needs to move in? Name up to three people you'd place your trust in..