Welcome to the registration for our sustainable food gathering at Largo Farm, Cochin/ Murray Lake.

Thank you for filling out this form and helping us plan for this exciting event May 23 in Cochin SK, a half hour north of the Battlefords! The planners will keep all your information confidential, and we'll work with all participants to keep in touch after the event. For more details on this event, such as agenda and what to bring, click here. (A new window will open.) 

Our day will run from 10:00AM- 4:30PM. Lunch will be provided.  Registration is $25, to cover meals and resource honoraria. Please bring cash or a cheque payable to SK Conference. The fee can certainly be reduced or removed if it creates a barrier to your being with us. Please email jgraham@skconf.ca if you need us to waive or reduce the fee. 

* 1. First name

* 2. Last/ family name

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* 4. Phone number

* 5. Community you're from (this helps us track how good our promotion has been.)

* 6. Any allergies? Please name them here:

* 7. Any other needs, such as mobility, for example. This will help us plan farm work. (And you can always decide to hang out by the lake instead of helping with the potatoes.)

* 8. Ride sharing is encouraged. If you can offer a ride from the Battlefords or need a ride, please note this in the comment box. The farm is a half hour north of the Battlefords.

* 9. Last question! We leave you with the last word... is there anything else you need to know, or any final comments?
We look forward to seeing you there! When you hit "done", this form will be sent automatically.