Nepalese Security Risk Poll

Transparency International ranks Nepal as equally corrupt to Pakistan and Kazakhstan. 

Prior to the recent earthquakes, Nepal was home to 5,463 NGOs -  which have also been impacted by the earthquakes. 

The crisis in Nepal might serve as an opportunity to improve corruption levels and build a more sustainable future, or might serve to worsen the conditions of an already desperate country. 

The crisis, in combination with known system corruption patterns, might also destabilise the political environment and contribute to renewed violence. 

Given the connection between shadow economies and global security risks, I thought the Security Risks in Nepal should be the May Survey. 

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* 1. Which mechanism do you believe is most likely to increase transparency and decrease Nepalese corruption in the long run:

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* 2. Given the known level of corruption in Nepal, the post-conflict fragility of the country, and the recent wide-scale devastation, do you believe:

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* 3. Do you believe corruption in Nepal