1. 2018-2019 Funding Assistance and Ticket to Read Application

Welcome to OCT's Funding Assistance and Ticket to Read Application.

If you are applying for Funding Assistance or Ticket to Read, we ask that you please do not place a reservation for tickets. Schools who have already booked tickets for the 2018-2019 season may not be eligible for outreach assistance. If you have already booked tickets, please contact us at teachers@octc.org or 503-228-9571 x 2.

This application will take approximately 14 minutes to fill out. Click "next" begin the application.

First Round requests are due and will be notified by the below dates but later requests will be also considered, based on availability:

Ella Enchanted: Applications due September 5, 2018; notified September 15, 2018.
Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: Applications due October 17, 2018; notified October 27, 2018.
Rock, Paper, Scissors:
Applications due November 7, 2018; notified November 17, 2018.
Jason & the Argonauts: Applications due September 19, 2018; notified September 29, 2018.
Diary of a Worm, Spider & Fly: Applications due January 2, 2019; notified January 12, 2019.