Survey from MC USA Executive Director Search Committee

Ervin Stutzman, Executive Director of Mennonite Church USA has submitted his resignation and the Executive Director Search Committee is working to discern a new person to recommend to the Executive Board to lead Mennonite Church USA in the future.  Please read the paragraph below and then respond to the questions. Your commitment to the church and participation in this search process is deeply appreciated.

Think about our current world and church and the strengths and needs of Mennonite Church USA. Consider our denominational vision – Vision: Healing & Hope: “God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow as communities of grace, joy, and peace so that God’s healing and hope flow through us to the world” and our denomination’s mission: “Joining in God’s activity in the world, we develop and nurture missional Mennonite congregations of many cultures.”

Below is a listing of essential qualities that the search committee believes are important in our next executive director.  Please rate each area of expertise from highest (5) to lowest (1) in terms of importance in our next Executive Director

* 1. Commitment to Christ, spiritual depth, grounded in Anabaptist understandings of Christian faith

* 2. Executive leadership skills, collegial style of leadership 

* 3. Strong oral and written communication skills that inspire others

* 4. Ability to initiate and lead sustainable change and the ability to work with differences

* 5. Understanding of Mennonite Church USA theology, history, cultures and trends as well as trends of the broader Christian church and American society as we seek to become more missional

* 6. Demonstrated effectiveness in developing an antiracist culture

* 7. Ability to connect well with persons of varying age, Racial/Ethnic group, and gender

* 8. Pastoral experience

* 9. Willingness to spend considerable time with people in the church

* 10. Given the current opportunities and challenges our church faces, please offer 3 qualities, ranked from most important to least important, that you hope the search committee will prioritize in the next executive director for Mennonite Church USA.  Most important to Least important qualities:

* 11. What are the three most important tasks for the next Executive Director?

* 12. When you reflect on this role in the church, who comes to mind? Please suggest names of persons we might invite to consider this role. Basic contact and context information for each name will be appreciated. 

* 13. Are you a participant in a Mennonite Church USA congregation?

Thank you for taking time to help in this holy work of calling a new leader for Mennonite Church USA. One more request, please keep the committee and the person who God is already calling to this position in your prayers.