* 1. How did you find the ‘Better Life' website? (Tick one.)

* 2. Why did you visit the website? (Tick all that apply.)

* 3. What is your overall impression of the website? (tick one)

* 4. Please rate the website on each of the following aspects:

  Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
Ease of use of the site
Attractiveness of design/appearance
Information that was interesting

* 5. As a result of visiting the website, to what extent do the following statements apply to you?

Visiting the website has… (tick one for each option)

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Don't know / not applicable
Given me a better insight into the lives of older people with high support needs
Challenged me to think differently about the needs and contributions of older people
Helped me to gain a better understanding of what older people value and want
Given me better awareness of the diversity of older people's lifestyles, backgrounds and experiences
Challenged and/or raised awareness of ageist stereotypes, discrimination and stigma that some older people experience
Helped me to see later life with a more positive attitude
Connected with me on a personal or emotional level

* 6. How likely are you to do any of the following as a result of visiting the website? (tick one for each option)

  Much more likely A little more likely Not sure Unlikely Not applicable
Think more about what you want in old age
Actively listen to and encourage older people to speak out more
Seek more opportunities to engage with older people
Appreciate what older people can contribute
Admire the capacity for resilience and self-help of older people
Adopt new ways of thinking and engaging with older people with high support needs
Appreciate that quality of life of older people is just as important as their health and social care needs

* 7. Are there any elements of the website that you particularly liked or disliked? (Tick all that apply.)

  Particularly liked Particularly disliked
Home page
Comments from bloggers, tweeters and activists
Overall message of the website
Photos and images
Links to reports and other resources
Other (please specify)

* 8. Have you done, or are you likely to do, any of the following as a result of visiting the website…?

  Already done Will definitely do Will probably do Will probably not do Will definitely not do Don’t know
Post a comment
Share a link with others using the Facebook "Like" or Twitter "Tweet" buttons
Recommend or share the website with friends or colleagues
Visit other online resources listed on the website
Visit the main Joseph Rowntree Foundation website
Other (please specify)

* 9. How likely are you to visit the website again?

* 10. Roughly how often do you visit the main Joseph Rowntree Foundation website (www.jrf.org.uk)?

* 11. Is there anything you would like to say about the website or any improvements you could suggest?

* 12. We would now like to ask you a few questions about yourself. Everything you tell us will be kept confidential. This information will only be used to tailor the website to the needs of its users.

12 Are you?

* 13. How old are you?

* 14. Which ethnic group do you consider yourself to belong to?

* 15. Do you have a long-standing illness, impairment or disability?

* 16. Are you mainly visiting the website for personal or professional interest? (Tick all that apply.)

Personal Interests:

* 17. Are you mainly visiting the website for personal or professional interest? (tick all that apply)

Professional Interests:

* 18. Do you look after, or give any help or support to family members, neighbours or others with a long-term
physical or mental ill health or disability, or problems related to old age? (Not in a paid capacity)

* 19. Would you be willing to take part in follow up research to improve this website? This would involve a short telephone interview which we would prearrange with you.

* 20. If yes, please provide your contact details below: