No FGM Australia is a non-profit organisation which aims to protect girls from FGM (female circumcision/cutting) and empower survivors of FGM.

When it comes to FGM/female circumcision/cutting discussions in Australia, the voices of young women and girls are noticeably absent. No FGM Australia would like to get a better understanding of the experiences of young women and girls in Australia in order to provide better support and/or safeguarding. This survey will also give us a chance to connect with young women who would like to get support and to have their voices heard.

* 1. Do you come from a community which practices FGM (female genital mutilation)/female circumcision/cutting?

* 2. Which most closely matches your background?

* 3. Were you born in Australia?

* 4. Have you experienced FGM/female circumcision/cutting yourself?

* 5. Do you know of anyone else who has been through FGM/female circumcision/cutting?

* 6. If you answered "yes" to Q5, what relationship did this person have to you?

* 7. Do you know of a girl or girls who someone is planning to circumcise or cut?

* 8. Who is going to be cut? (Provide as many details as you feel comfortable)

* 9. If you would like to share any further information about your own experience, please use the box below.

* 10. If you would like support for FGM related issues, or you have any other questions or comments, please complete your contact details in the box below.

Alternatively, please contact Paula on, ph 0427058564 or Khadija (FGM survivor) on or 0431162155

All information is strictly confidential.