1. Round Rock Arts and Culture Strategic Plan Input

Rank the following thematic ideas from most important (1) to least important (7). Enter a positive whole number between 1 and 7 for each theme listed below. Please use each number only once.

* 1. The plan should support the economic development of our community, specifically to drive further development in the downtown or planned growth areas.

* 2. The plan should support local artists and arts organizations in the ability to create, perform and exhibit art.

* 3. The plan should create new opportunities for citizens of Round Rock to personally develop and actively express themselves through the arts.

* 4. The plan should build Round Rock's regional reputation and recognition within the greater Austin area.

* 5. The plan should further establish Round Rock as a destination, drawing tourists and visitors to spend time and money here.

* 6. The plan should inspire residents to feel more emotionally connected to Round Rock by encouraging social interaction and providing a sense of place.

* 7. The plan should inspire innovation and unique collaboration across community sectors.

* 8. The plan should aim to make Round Rock a full service community, contributing to a high quality of life for local residents.