Nominate your co-workers for an Outstanding Service Award! Did you see someone go above and beyond to help a member, subscriber or fellow employee? Give them a nomination! Did someone really go out of their way to brighten your day and show you kindness? Give them a nomination!

Each month the Fun Committee will review these nominations. Any that are just as simple as “Patrick smiled at me and gave me a high-five” will be kicked out, even though a smile and a high-five are awesome, that really isn’t “above and beyond.” After review, all nominations will be place in a bucket to be drawn at random. Once drawn, that Outstanding Service Award winner will get to pick a trip!

We are working on getting tickets to sporting events, music venues and theatrical performances. Once you win, you will be able to pick which one suits your fancy. You will then join fellow co-workers and a member of senior staff on the trip where your ticket and food will be paid for!

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Wood!

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* 3. How did the nominee go above and beyond?