Welcome to Changing Chelmsford's Ideas Festival 2013 event registration form. Please use this form to register an Ideas Festival event you would like to host in the week of the 26th October to the 2nd of November 2013. Our theme this year is Imagination. This is broad and includes many ways of imagining a healthy, fun and thriving Chelmsford. You can see last year's programme in the right column of the Changing Chelmsford website http://changingchelmsford.org

Our events are non-sectarian and non political, seeking to celebrate and enhance the culture, creativity and community enterprise of Chelmsford.

You will receive your confirmation by June 30th. We may need to contact you about date or text changes. Please note that although the Ideas Festival will publicise your event widely, it is important that you participate in publicising it (and the Ideas Festival please) via your networks.

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* 6. We are aiming to ticket events this year, even if free, so that a) we can contact people with an email reminder b) let people know of any changes in venue c) confirm a place at the event. People who have booked in advance will be given priority. Please let us know if you prefer to organise your own event booking. I prefer to organise my own registration for my event

* 7. Please send two photos to changingchelmsford@gmail.com to use in our programme and posters. One, to illustrate your event and the other, a photo of yourself.

* 8. Please add any comments, feedback, requests or suggestions here:

Thank you very much for your interest to participate in Ideas Festival 2013. We'll be in touch if we have any questions. You can contact us at changingchelmsford@gmail.com